Aranjuez A500S
Brillante Silver Set 500S - also available separately, as bass pack and treble pack.

A500S Brilliante Silver - Medium Tension

The new nylon bass strings of the Aranjuez "Brillante” series are now even more durable, thanks mainly to their brass winding wire. Brass oxidizes much slower than silver and therefore retains its original tone much longer. And just in case you still had doubts: brass has been used for ages to build bells, cymbals and countless other percussion instruments known for their excellent sound and vibration characteristics.

The new "Marron” treble strings are now even brighter and more powerful than ever before.


  • Medium gauge= medium tension
  • Bass strings fitted with a silver-plated brass wrap.
  • New "Marron” treble strings with a delightfully brilliant sound.
  • An homage to Celedonio Romero, a true guitar virtuoso and friend of Juan Orozco’s

NEW: Aranjuez "Bonus Packs"

Take 3: Bass and treble strings available as separate sets.

Countless trial sessions with the world’s most prestigious concert guitarists have allowed Juan Orozco to select a perfectly balanced lineup of bass and treble strings for his Aranjuez sets.
But given that some guitarists prefer to use different gauges, most Aranjuez string sets are also available as separate "Bonus Packs"—at an amazing price!