Los Romeros

Los Romeros

The Royal Family of the Guitar

The illustrious career of the Romeros is unmistakably a milestone of twentieth century music. For over three decades the quartet has received popular and critical acclaim and has appeared with the most prestigious American Orchestras, including those of Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Detroit. The Romeros have performed at the White House, at the Vatican for Pope John Paul II, and his Royal Highness Prince Charles, Prince of Wales.

Numerous important works for guitar have been written for them by Joaquin Rodrigo, Federico Moreno Torroba, Morton Gould and many others. With regular appearances at major music festivals, performances at colleges and universities, regular tours of Europe and Asia and extensive recording projects, The Romeros prevail as champions in the realm of classical guitar.

Three Generations of Extraordinary Guitarists

Celedonio Romero was the creator of the greatest guitar legacy of the 20th century; with his sons Celin, Pepe and Angel, he founded the internationally renowned ensemble known to millions as "The Royal Family of the Guitar". Celendonio died on May 8, 1996, but his sons and grandsons continue his legacy. As the family says, "he is the spirit of the quartet; all our concerts now will be in homage to him".

With the introduction of Celin's son, Celino, into the quartet in 1990, and Angel’s son, Lito, in 1996, the Romeros have encompassed three generations of concert artists. To have so many virtuosi of the same instrument in one family is unique in the music world, and in the realm of classical guitar it is without precedent.