Walter J. Vogt

  • Gitarrenbauer Walter Vogt
  • Walter Vogt Label

Walter J. Vogt of Germany has succeeded in making the first guitar that is tunable to tempered scale.

Inaccuracies of current tuning arise from four factors: The fixed fret positions, inhomogeneities of the strings, the instrument, and the player. The art of matching the instrument to the player has been refined by Mr. Vogt over the years, and imperfections in the strings have been greatly reduced by ARANJUEZ; so the problem remained only the frets.

The correct semitones were determined accurately on an experimental guitar of infinitely variable frets. The result is an instrument that will rarely, if ever, need retuning during a concert performance; this and the exact tempered tuning will set free the performer to concentrate fully on his interpretation.