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Vicente Camacho was born in Madrid, the son of an established cabinetmaker from whom he learned the profession. His interest in music inspired him to join serenaders and other musical groups, and that is how he first met his teacher, Modesto Borreguero, who worked with Santos Hernandez and Domingo Esteso in the legendary workshop of Manuel Ramirez.

Vicente Camacho worked with Borreguero for eight years and was the only skilled craftsman to work with this great maestro. He then established himself independently, working at first only with Madrid and Barcelona, and later dealing with the entire world.

Artesanos de la GuitarraVicente Camacho is a member of the famous Artesanos de la Guitarra, Escuela de Madrid—the famous 'Madrid School" of guitar-makers who are among the most distinguished luthiers of Spain. These master craftsmen have inherited a centuries-old tradition—a tradition not only of superb craftsmanship but also of continuous innovation and improvement of the guitar as a musical instrument.