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Manuel Contreras was born in Madrid and has spent a large part of his life in his workshop crafting guitars. He is always researching and striving to find the secret of how much more to improve their sound.

Having previously worked as a cabinetmaker, he began making guitars in 1959 in the workshop of Jose Ramirez, as a senior journeyman. In 1962 he set up shop at 80 calle Mayor, where he is still working today.

Improving the Double Top Guitar

Several years ago, and with a technique different from those used traditionally, he began crafting the Harmonic Double Top guitar, and to this day he still makes them with the same system.

In his more than 25 years as a luthier he has crafted guitars for almost all the most famous concert players in the world. In 1979 he received the Export Award from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid, and in 1980 he was awarded Honorable Mention by the same Chamber. This was the first and only time that these awards have been bestowed on a craftsman.

Artesanos de la GuitarraManuel Contreras is a member of the Artesanos de la Guitarra, Escuela de Madrid the famous "Madrid School" of guitar makers, who are among Spain's most distinguished luthiers. These master craftsmen are the inheritors of a centuries-old tradition not only of superb craftsmanship but also of continuous innovation and improvement of the guitar as a musical instrument.