Juan Alvarez

  • Juan Alvarez uses Aranjuez Strings
  • Label Juan Alvarez Guitar

Juan Alvarez was born in Madrid in March 1932. He made his first guitar under the tutorship of his older brother Lorenzo. Both of the Alvarez brothers received instruction from the famous guitar maker Don Marcelo Barbero (1904-1956). In 1965, Juan Alvarez created his guitar with the modified fingerboard.

His guitars are used by numerous professionals throughout the world. Following the family tradition, his sons Juan Miguel and Antonio are also constructing guitars.

Artesanos de la GuitarraJuan Alvarez is a member of the Artesanos de la Guitars, Escuela de Madrid, the famous 'Madrid School" of guitar makers, who are among the most distinguished in Spain. These master craftsmen have inherited a centuries-old tradition not only of superb craftsmanship but also of continuous innovation and improvement of the guitar as a musical instrument.